The Resort, located in a remote region of Australia, faced significant challenges with low occupancy rates, low guest satisfaction, and a limited range of offerings. The resort was struggling to attract guests and achieve profitability in a competitive market.


Nadine Vater, as the resort’s General Manager, undertook a comprehensive transformation strategy to elevate the resort’s reputation and improve its financial performance. She implemented a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the guest experience, expanding offerings, and streamlining operations.

Actions Taken:

  • Enhancing Personalised Service: Nadine focused on improving the resort’s service delivery, ensuring guests received exceptional personalised experiences. Through staff training and empowerment, she instilled a culture of customer-centricity and excellence.
  • Upgrading and Expanding: Nadine successfully led the resort’s upgrade from a 3-star to a 4.5-star establishment. This involved expanding the number of rooms and offering a wider range of room types and categories to cater to different guest preferences and needs.
  • Tailored Tourism Packages: Recognising the potential of unique tourism experiences, Nadine introduced individualised add-on holiday packages for guests. These packages enhanced guests’ overall holiday experiences and allowed for customisation based on their interests.
  • Seamless Booking Process: Nadine implemented efficient and user-friendly booking systems, ensuring a seamless process for guests from initial inquiry to reservation confirmation. This enhanced convenience and satisfaction for prospective guests.


  • Increased Occupancy Rate: Through the implementation of various improvements and enhancements, the average occupancy rate surged from 48% to 82% across the year, reflecting a significant boost in demand for the resort’s offerings.
  • Improved Room Rates: The average room rate experienced a substantial increase from $148 to $189 average per night. During peak periods, the resort successfully commanded a premium price of $360 per night, demonstrating the increased value perceived by guests.
  • Award-Winning Performance: The resort’s transformation under Nadine’s leadership propelled it to become the number one resort in the region on the online TripAdvisor platform. The exceptional guest experiences, coupled with positive reviews and high guest satisfaction, led to recognition and awards within the industry.


Through a strategic and holistic approach, Nadine Vater successfully transformed the Resort into a leading and exceptionally profitable accommodation provider in the remote Australian region. Her focus on personalised service, expanding offerings, and optimising the guest experience resulted in significant improvements in occupancy rates, room rates, and overall guest satisfaction. The resort’s journey from mediocrity to excellence showcases Nadine’s expertise in driving exceptional results and establishing a sustainable competitive advantage.