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Welcome to NAVA Consulting, a boutique strategy and management consulting firm, specialising in helping SME’s and larger organisations in service industries achieve their goals.

Our consulting services are designed to support organisations improve their scalability, customer experience, operational efficiency, leadership competence, employee satisfaction, and innovation and change management efforts.

We partner with organisations which deliver products and services to both B2B clients and B2C customers. NAVA Consulting delivers award-winning and impactful results for organisations focused on exceptional customer experience in heavily labor-intensive and fast-paced environments. Our leadership coaching services assist organisations improve their people management, strategy execution and develop the leadership capabilities necessary to drive success.

At NAVA Consulting we believe that every organisation has the potential to achieve greatness. Let us help you unlock that potential and achieve your goals.

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nava consulting
nava consulting

NAVA Consulting was founded in 2021 by Nadine Vater, with a strong inspiration to address the challenges faced by remote and regional business owners who struggled to access top-tier leadership talent due to limited resources.

Recognising the need for an alternative to overpriced and inflexible consulting offerings in the market, NAVA Consulting set out to provide highly tailored and customised solutions that deliver unmatched value to client organisations.

Thus, having a sustained positive impact on organisational success and performance. Unlike competitors that offer generic services and solutions, NAVA Consulting focuses on delivering value-driven and bespoke services that fully align with the unique needs of each client. The mission of NAVA Consulting is to unlock the untapped potential and opportunities within Australian organisations, making a meaningful difference for both the organisations and their employees for a better and brighter future together!



Our vision at NAVA Consulting is to be the trusted management consulting advisory, renowned for our unique value-driven approach in supporting people-centric, service-driven organisations across Australia. We empower our clients to purposefully and strategically evolve, scale up, and enhance their market position, achieving a lasting competitive advantage. By driving their success, championing change and progress, we make a significant and enduring contribution to the Australian economy and the communities we serve.


Our mission at NAVA Consulting is to provide forward-thinking management consulting advice and impactful solutions that enable Australian businesses to transform their organisation, evolve their industry and market footprint, and achieve continued growth, and improved performance outcomes.

We strive to be a trusted long-term business partner, offering uniquely customised advice and solutions that help our clients realise their full potential. By supporting our clients to operate successfully, we strengthen their positive mark on Australia and its diverse communities.

At NAVA Consulting, we deliver best value consulting services by adhering to our core values and a tailored consulting approach. We continually evaluate our service and tangible value delivery to ensure a positive impact on our clients. Through ongoing professional and personal development, we offer expertise and best practice advice, consistently evolving our services portfolio to meet changing client needs. Our unfaltering objectivity assists clients in shifting perspectives and developing a deeper awareness of the forces impacting their organisation.

Working with NAVA Consulting allows clients to optimise resources, closing gaps in internal expertise and leadership competencies that come with organisational growth. We provide high flexibility by tailoring engagement modes and pricing to our clients’ individual needs and budgets, ensuring cost-effectiveness and accessibility to organisations that need us most.


Let’s create a plan that suits your budget while achieving your business goals.
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Our NAVA values signify the deep rooted principles we believe in and thus reflect the core of everything we do.
This allows us to deliver exceptional consulting services to all our clients enabling a trusting, respectful,
and strong business relationship.

Customer First

We put our skills and passions to work to ensure our clients go further. Putting our clients at the centre of everything is the foundation of a lasting, value-driven partnership.

People- centricity

We focus on effective collaboration, and always treat others with dignity and respect. We work best when we are included and valued for who we are.


We are professional, ethical, reliable, and trustworthy always. All NAVA consultants follow the professional Code of Ethics as best practice standard of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.


We have the freedom to explore opportunities, the courage to be visionary, and harness our ingenuity to create innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.


We remain flexible which enables us to adapt poractively, think nimble, and act decisively.

“Exceptional Value Guarantee”

At NAVA we focus on integrating value drivers in everything we do, this ensures we deliver impactful results and maximise value while offering great flexibility to all our clients.

Partnering with our clients long-term allows us to support and add value to client organisations throughout their growth journey providing what is needed, when it is needed – Everyone wins!


“Unlocking Your Business’s Full Potential –
The NAVA Consulting Advantage”

nava consulting

Comprehensive and Tailored Solutions:

At NAVA Consulting, we offer comprehensive and tailored management consulting services that address the unique needs and objectives of your business. Our holistic approach covers all key business functions, from strategy development to operational performance improvements. By considering every aspect of your organization, we ensure that our solutions have a lasting and meaningful impact.

Deep Industry Expertise:

With over 15 years of leadership experience in the service industry, we possess a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities specific to your sector. This expertise empowers us to deliver targeted and effective solutions that drive sustainable performance results, enabling your business to thrive in a competitive market.

Innovation for Competitive Advantage:

As passionate business people with an entrepreneurial mindset, we constantly seek innovative solutions that keep you ahead of the curve. We combine forward-thinking strategies with practical implementation, ensuring that your business not only grows but excels in an ever-evolving landscape. Our approach fosters agility and adaptability, allowing you to seize new opportunities and overcome challenges.

Client-Centric Approach:

At NAVA Consulting, your success is our priority. We adopt a client-first mentality, dedicating ourselves to understanding your unique requirements and objectives. By deeply engaging with your business, we tailor our solutions to fit seamlessly within your organisational context. Our unwavering commitment to your success, combined with our broader industry knowledge, positions us as a trusted partner on your journey towards achieving exceptional results.

Flexible and Efficient Engagements:

We understand that each business is unique, and so are its consulting needs. That’s why we provide flexible engagement options that cater to your specific requirements. Our aim is to build a strong and lasting partnership, offering the right level of support precisely when you need it. This approach ensures maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a seamless collaboration experience.

Experience the NAVA Consulting Advantage:

By choosing NAVA Consulting as your long-term management consulting partner, you gain access to exceptional value that extends beyond impactful outcomes. Our holistic and entrepreneurial approach, coupled with our client-centric mentality and flexible engagements, guarantees an exceptional return on your investment. Together, we will unlock your business’s full potential and drive sustainable growth.


With over 15 years of professional experience in customer-centric industries such as Hospitality, Retail, and Facility Management, Nadine Vater brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Managing Director and senior consultant at NAVA Consulting. Throughout her career, Nadine has consistently delivered exceptional results, driving revenue growth and improving business performance for both small businesses and large corporations internationally.

Nadine’s leadership skills and operational excellence have earned her a reputation for motivating and inspiring teams to reach their full potential, even in high-pressure environments. She is dedicated to supporting other leaders in enhancing their competencies while guiding organisations towards sustainable growth and strategic success.

With her exceptional analytical skills and outside-the-box thinking, Nadine has a knack for identifying industry and market trends that will impact organisations in the future. She also has a keen eye for recognising long-term market opportunities and quick wins. Her intrinsic curiosity and drive for excellence fuel her passion for delivering top-notch service to NAVA clients and ensuring the delivery of quality consulting services.

Whether it’s devising innovative strategies to enhance customer experiences, optimising operational efficiencies for improved profitability, or leading teams to achieve exceptional results, Nadine offers business owners and executive leaders the skills and knowledge needed to make a positive impact on their organisations.

Nadine’s professional journey includes notable positions such as Senior Manager at Sodexo Australia, where she served clients like Origin Energy, Rio Tinto, Bravus, and Aurelia Metals. She has also held roles as Remote Village Manager for Morris Corporation, FM Contract & Improvements Manager for clients such as Fortescue Metals, Bechtel, and Ausco Modular, and Village Assistant Manager for a 6-star One&Only Resort rebranding project. In addition, she has served as a General Manager for a 4-star resort and as a Multi-Store Franchise Manager for Caltex Star Mart & Tyrepower. …
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Let’s create a plan that suits your budget while achieving your business goals.
Experience the NAVA difference! Book a free kick-start consultation today!


Working with NAVA Consulting is a seamless and highly productive experience. Nadine’s professionalism, integrity, and commitment to our needs make NAVA Consulting an exceptional valuable partner, and we highly recommend their services to any organisation.

Mat Canniffe
Business Owner/GM
Mecha Engineering, Gladstone

NAVA Consulting’s expertise and support have been invaluable in helping us navigate a complex business environment. NAVA Consulting’s leadership coaching was a game-changer for our residential building business. The 12-month continued guidance helped our management team to develop critical leadership skills and strategic perspective.

Michael Kratzer
Fabrilis Business Owner/
Building and Construction Manager

We were impressed with NAVA Consulting’s deep industry knowledge and innovative thinking. Nadine’s tailored approach to our business needs and objectives resulted in significant improvements in our operational performance and overall business transformation.


Margo Grant
Business Owner/
Work Health and Safety Specialist