Provide ongoing leadership coaching to Functional Managers and the General Manager to drive business growth, achieve exceptional KPI performance indicators, and enhance profitability.


  • Initial Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the leadership development needs and business goals of the Functional Managers and GM.
  • Customised Coaching Plan: Developed a tailored coaching plan aligned with the individual goals, focusing on leadership skills, strategic thinking, and performance improvement.
  • Regular Coaching Sessions: Engaged in weekly coaching sessions with the Functional Managers and GM, providing guidance, support, and tools to enhance their leadership effectiveness.
  • Goal Setting and Accountability: Collaboratively set challenging goals and established accountability measures to track progress and ensure consistent improvement.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regularly monitored KPI performance indicators and financial results, providing feedback and coaching to address any gaps or opportunities.
  • Business Integration: Actively engaged with the business, collaborating with the Functional Managers and GM to align coaching outcomes with business objectives and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


  • Business Growth: Through the consistent leadership coaching, the Functional Managers and GM successfully drove business growth, expanding their market presence and increasing revenue.
  • Exceptional KPI Performance: The ongoing coaching support enabled the achievement of exceptional KPI performance indicators, demonstrating the effectiveness of the coaching process in driving results.
  • Enhanced Profitability: The implementation of leadership coaching strategies led to improved operational efficiency, cost control, and overall profitability.
  • Increased Engagement: As the coaching relationship deepened, the Functional Managers and GM actively engaged the coach in business decision-making processes, seeking input and leveraging expertise.

Sustainable Success:

The continued engagement and consistent positive outcomes validate the long-term effectiveness of leadership coaching in sustaining business growth and performance.