Develop a comprehensive 3-5 year Strategic Map to guide the client organisation’s growth and success, and effectively cascade the strategy into different functional areas.


  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engaged with key stakeholders, including executives and department heads, to gain a deep understanding of the organisation’s vision, goals, and challenges.
  • Environmental Analysis: Conducted a thorough analysis of the internal and external business environment to identify opportunities, threats, and market trends.
  • Strategy Development: Collaboratively developed a robust strategic framework, based on the organisation’s mission, vision, values, and set strategic objectives.
  • Strategic Map Creation: Translated the strategic objectives into a visual Strategic Map, outlining the key focus areas and initiatives for the next 3-5 years.
  • Functional Alignment: Worked closely with different functional areas within the organisation to ensure the alignment of their goals, projects, and initiatives with the overall strategic direction.
  • Implementation Support: Provided guidance and support throughout the implementation process, assisting in monitoring progress and making necessary adjustments.


  • Clear Strategic Direction: The developed Strategic Map provided a clear roadmap for the organisation’s long-term success, guiding decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Functional Alignment: By cascading the strategy into different functional areas, each department and team had a clear understanding of their role in achieving the overall strategic goals.
  • Improved Performance: The strategic focus and alignment resulted in improved performance across various functional areas, fostering collaboration, higher team synergy and engagement.

Adaptive and Agile:

The Strategic Map allowed the organisation to adapt to changing market conditions and make informed strategic decisions.